Book Review: The Ghostwriter by A.R. Torre

If you have happened to read some of Alessandra Torre’s works, well… forget them. This is entirely different and will leave an indelible scar on your soul. Reading the final pages of this book in public was one of the most terrible ideas I had in life.

Said this, it’s the jaw-dropping, heartbreaking story of Helena Ross, an apparently unpleasant and cold bestselling writer who, being left by cancer with only a few weeks to live, decides to put her pride aside and hire her archenemy to ghostwrite her last book, the darkest secret of her life.
Major warning: Don’t expect a happy ending, no miracles happen here, just some painful form of relief.

This book is told through a past and present story-lines with various character’s POV’s. It’s, oh, SO well written, with a gripping story-line that sucks you in and won’t let go. As the reader learns more and more about Helena and her Ghostwriter, both characters grow on the reader and each other. Mind you, this is not a romance! I especially enjoyed how the book progresses the tension and suspense mounts. This is not a typical page turner, but it will suck you in and you will want to keep reading to learn why it was so important for Helena to write this book! There are not a lot of characters in this book and there doesn’t need to be. I loved the character development and how this aided in the impact of the twist in this book.
Needless to say that Torre’s spectacular writing makes it a whole worse (in a good way, of course).

Now, I’m sitting here, waiting for the movie adaptation because I absolutely need Jeffrey Dean Morgan in it (and, come on, even Torre herself supports my choice!).